It all started in 2014 when Fer opened his old book of ideas and start to work on the project of creating an instrument to take friends to those places that are not marked on maps and cannot be reached by any public transportation. Fer proposed to Mike “the Pirate” (an experience anti establishment mountaineer guide) to join in his new entrepreneurship, trying to show the wonders of Andalucía to all-aged travellers who don’t get out of the city either because they don’t know what’s outside the cities or just to busy or lack of time to find inefficient transport combinations.

Play Road Trip is a journey to those areas of our territory that only locals know that exist and were kept virgin for centuries. The Road Trip sometimes is a sweet hike with view to the mountains or a extreme hike a 3000 m.a.s.l. to get to those lakes only for the bravest ones to be swim. Also can be a journey to the coolest beaches or desert trails to get those panoramic photos you’d kill for. Andalucia is synonym of beauty and we are ready to show it to you. Let us drive you to those spots… let us drive you crazy.

Since then, they never stopped meeting people and changing experiences with like-minded travelers from all over the world.

Fer Ledesma and Mike “el Pirata” Algarra are the guilty ones to put together a group of unemployed friend, like Journalists, psychologists , photographer and failed physicist.
We didn’t study Granada in a classroom, we live it and we are the living proof than with love, creativity and friends , everything is possible.

We are the present of the city from all backgrounds who grew up in Granada and use local knowledge to introduce visitors to this unparalleled city.
Some of you started to call us the Unofficial Ambassadors of Granada And Andalucia.

Unofficial Ambassadors because we were not appointed , we don´t have firends in politics, and we don’t like our President. We were simply named this way by the people that in the last years visited Spain and took tour with Play Road Trip.

You are responsable for us having a Job in this moment, and we thank you for that , by sharing and making you experience the real Granada… The city we love (and sometimes hate too).
Basically we like to say that we don’t do anything special, there is not big concept or philosophy bihind Play Road Trip.

What we like is to share with our friends visiting our city and our country, the love (sometimes “mala follá”) and experience of living here. Everyone have a different perspective of the city and that is what we are interested o sharing with you.

More than just showing you the sights, we are interested in giving you an understanding of local culture, because either we like it or not, we are from here and we are part of it.